Micro-capsules, Pearls & Bubbles

Let your favourite ingredient shine like a star!

Create a unique look in cosmetics

From micro-bubbles of transparent oil to colored pearls, microfluidic textures offer a wide palette of possibilities in terms of tints, patterns and sizes to enhance a concept, a benefit, or a star active ingredient. Being visibly different, each product declares its individual personality.

A new experience

The microfluidic textures offer a unique experience with visual and/or sensory transformations. Colored pearls delivering a transparent looking formula that turns into a white cream, or textures created by combining opposite sensations, magic happens with each application.

Increased efficacy of the actives

Being physically separated, the hydrophilic and lipophilic active ingredients are preserved. Combining as they release at the very last minute, the active ingredients are freshly-fused and achieve maximum potency.