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In 2022, we embraced a new business model dedicated to customized solutions for pharmacies. We recognized the growing importance of providing informed advice and guidance on skincare products within the pharmacy setting. Today's clients seek quality, effectiveness, and transparency in their products, and rightfully so. However, prominent brands often fall short in delivering this transparency and meeting consumer expectations. Furthermore, profit margins are increasingly under pressure for both pharmacies and consumers.
That's why pharmacists can now choose to develop their own brand, offering high-quality, cost-effective products with higher margins. At BelCoPhar, we proudly offer our expertise in developing and manufacturing these products, providing scientific substantiation to ensure the best advice for your clients. Our experience in launching successful products and brands in the past makes us an ideal partner.
We provide pharmacists with accessible solutions for building and launching their own brand, making the process easier than ever.
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Many people unknowingly use cosmetics with harmful consequences for themselves and the environment. There is a lack of awareness that the skin, our largest organ, is more than just a passive protective layer. An unfortunate high number of manufacturers prefer to overlook the use of synthetic substances, petroleum derivatives, or non-active ingredients. Yet, they are alarmingly prevalent. Meanwhile, consumers genuinely care about their health, the well-being of their children, and the planet. The growing interest in healthy food, sustainable products, and ethical clothing is a testament to this concern.

We believe in innovation through formulating with natural raw materials and together, we are forging a new future in the healthcare industry, driven by pharmacists. Partnering with BelCoPhar means embracing the opportunities of tomorrow, today! 
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